Ann Arbor Apple Store, 12:30, SUCCESS!



At 12:25 this afternoon, I successfully purchased a white, 16 GB iPhone 3G from the Ann Arbor Apple store at the Briarwood Mall.

It’s official. The whole process took about 15 minutes. My “Specialist” said the networks were still being goofy, but I could take my iPhone home and activate it there “in a few hours.”

“AT&T has been fun to deal with today,” he said with a sly smile.

While I’m disappointed I can’t hop on the phone and start playing around, it’s almost better this way. At home, I can take my time and really absorb the thing.

Looking outside the store, the line is still incredibly long – and growing. Before, the line didn’t extend far beyond where I stood. But now the whole mall is full of people in line. It’s madness. Workers on their lunch break, hoping to whip into the store and make their purchase, may lose their job if they’re not careful.

The Apple rep outside the store gave me a “no comment” when I asked how supplies were holding up. My own specialist told me they had just a few of the white models left, so perhaps I lucked out. Whatever. After looking at their store model, I’m sure I made the right choice.

So now it’s past my lunch time, and after all the coffee and water I’ve had there are important matters to deal with. Then I hit the road back home, get everything set up, and life begins again. But this whole thing has been incredible. The people in line were amazing company, the Apple staff were courteous and helpful (if vague with their information), and the in-store setup couldn’t have been easier.

Over and out, for good, from Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor.

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  1. What kind of 3G service are you getting in Ann Arbor? Is it pretty consistent?

  2. I have no idea yet. I don’t actually live in Ann Arbor – I live in Jackson. And I can’t even activate my phone yet because of iTunes issues. Really, 3G isn’t even a big deal for me because (a) Jackson doesn’t get it and (b) I wasn’t concerned so much about speed as I was just finally getting an iPhone. I’d love to hear from others though: how good is YOUR 3G connection?

  3. I thought I’d chime in about the 3G coverage. Toledo has surprisingly good 3G coverage. My iPhone zips along nicely here in the Glass City. West and south of here is primarily EDGE territory, but it works…for that, I am happy.

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