Worldwide Newton Conference 2009 is official

It’s on: the Worldwide Newton Conference has been scheduled for late July-early August 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ryan Vetter made the announcement on the Newtontalk list after gathering suggestions on date and location from the group. It looks like he and Grant Hutchinson will be the organizing the shin-dig. The theme for the event? Says the official site:

After some discussion with NTLK list members, and since time continues to press on, this event will revolve around a ‘moving forward’ theme: how to keep the Newton active and relevant as time continues to press forward.

Seats are limited, but you can sign up on the site and pay through PayPal. Tickets for the three-day event are a very affordable $55, which gets you in to all the talks. Meals and lodging, along with travel, are on your own (which isn’t that bad, compared with 2007′s event in Tokyo, Japan).

So mark your calendars: July 31 through August 2 next year, the Newton faithful will gather in Western Canada. I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be there. How about you?

[image from Adam Tow's excellent photo gallery of the 2004 event. Check out the 2006 itinerary, videos and PDFs from past events, as well as the Worldwide Newton Association, which will be added to the Sites list soon.]


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  2. Hi,

    Said what happened to the Conference? The web site seems to be gone. I’d love to register since I live in Vancouver :-)


  3. @Jean-Louis – it looks like Ryan is working on it. Something went haywire with his MobileMe hosting. Stay tuned!

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