Connection Tool syncs Windows to Newton

Connection Tools Newton Outlook sync

I’ll admit: I don’t give Newton-to-Windows syncing its proper attention because I don’t have a XP/Vista PC to try it out.

But there is an NCX/NewtSync-like program out there called Newton Connection Tools that will help Windows users connect their MessagePad with a modern version of Microsoft’s OS. NCT helps with all the usual sync needs, like package installation, data backup, and Microsoft Outlook syncing, plus Newton Protocol tools that allow for further Newton software development. Pretty cool stuff for the Windows crowd.

You need to send $45 to Andrés Galluzzi to get the full NCT license code.

Any Windows users out there: I’d love to hear from you about how this works.

[Thanks to the My Apple Newton blog.]

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  1. $45! Oh my god, that’s obscene!

    Lookout + NCU is all I need :)

  2. I hear you, Erik. I thought it was kind of weird you have to wire the money, too. Maybe charging for 15+ year old technology is a Windows thing?

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