While you were away

Sorry for the break in the action, gang, but I’ve had an issue with my WordPress 3.0 update.

Specifically, I was getting an “Internal Server Error – 500” message every time I tried to post a new entry or access parts of the WordPress dashboard. I really thought it was something on 1and1’s end, server-wise.

After doing some digging, and some reading, I found the issue was an obscure addition to the .htaccess file.

I can now support Kevin Bagg’s fix for the issue. Everything’s clear-sailing now.

After the update, there is one thing that inspires finger nail biting: my WordPress theme needs to be update, but the warning message says “any customizations you have made to the Themes files will be lost.” Which is fantastic, because I hacked the heck out of the original Infimum theme (version 1.3.2, while Newton Poetry is sporting 1.3.1).

Drop any ideas in the comments. I appreciate it.

Update: Except that now, when I got to post something or upload an image, I get this gibberish:


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