Stay warm, Internet

Chicago - Night light

Things will slow down around here, thanks to the holidays.

That, and I’ve found a new toy to play with.

From all of us at Newton Poetry: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Merry Christmas to you too.

    No problems staying warm over here: We have had a spate of 30+ deg C heat waves followed by big gusty wind storms which have fanned a few bush fires. They are many miles away so no threat to the city. Its still a little alarming to see our garden furniture get pushed over by such strong winds!

    Your DSLR buy looks good. I’ve always stayed with Canon myself though my cousin bought a Pentax because the Image Stabilisation technology is designed into the camera body whilst Canon and Nikon have built their IS system into the lenses.

    Our family desktop got fried by a faulty power supply last week and the HDD is currently at the data recovery shop so let our experience be a warning to all to back up their data. All those families photos can’t be replaced once lost forever.

  2. Good thoughts – thanks a bunch.

    Hopefully you folks can avoid any more natural disasters down your way, big or small.

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