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The hello Show, episode X.5

June 10th, 2010

Making magic happen

My podcasting pal David and I have hit the 10 episode mark over at The hello Show. If you’ve stuck with us this long, there’s no turning back now.

Our listeners must be like cranked-up “Lost” fans who have a backup generator for the DVD player – you know, just in case. Only replace “DVD player” with “iPod” and you have the typical profile of a The hello Show fan.

David and I, we’re not experts on much of anything. David has strong opinions, while I tend to waffle, but the magic is made in the middle: UK keyboards, an inane obsession with the iMac G4, and cross-pond currency conversions.

Coming soon, though, we have some real fun planned. Guests, where we throw some third sap in the middle of our lion’s den, should make things interesting.

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