Low RAM message on iPhone 3G?

Anyone else ever get a low memory message like the one I got playing “Aurora Feint” just now?

I don’t remember how much RAM is in the iPhone 3G, but I guess it wasn’t enough for all the mining action.

[Update: Turns out I’m not the only one – read here and here. Also, the iPhone RAM specs are hard to come by.  Apple doesn’t own up to them, Macenstein has a good debate going, but the consensus is 128 MB.]


  1. thats a little intresting isn’t it? That has happened to me on my iPod Touch, I don’t know if the RAM is lower in it or not but yeah, I guess its not enough.

  2. I got a weird message too, said memory was low, and to stop background programs….I didn’t think that you could even run background programs???

  3. the iphone 3g has 512mb of ram i have encountered this problem in coverflow once or twice but the more apps you have open before you restart will cause it to freak out try resatrting like 2wice a day

  4. Lol willy.. the iPhone 3G actually has 128MB DRAM… you can get crashes and if you do, do a hard reset (hold homm and power buttons until you see the apple logo) and try again…

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