eBay regret syndrome?

Is there a name for that feeling you get (sober or drunk) when, after you bid on something, you regret your bid, and then you hope someone outbids you because you don’t want to be the winner anymore? Or that feeling you get when – whew! – someone does outbid you? That relief?

I know there are other eBay regretters – different kinds all-together than my Mac-loving self.

Just curious.


  1. Sometimes, but its usually with old cameras. The reason I bid is that I have a strong feeling that the camera will be thrown away if no one buys it, and when I bid I know I am helping to save a piece of history. So far though, all of my ‘pity bids’ have been outbid, so I guess it is ok…

  2. Nice. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  3. I have an auction right now that I am hoping to be outbid on and another that I got lucky enough to already been outbid. In the heat of the moment, I can often make costly eBay mistakes.

  4. I hear you. So what do we call that feeling?

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