Use an iMac for a jukebox? You bet


I love this post from John Hatchett over at Low End Mac:

I was in the middle of recording my vinyl Steely Dan albums to iTunes when it hit me: Why not turn the iMac into a digital jukebox? I could hook it up to my home stereo with a stereo mini-jack-to-RCA cable and have any song in my collection available to listen to. I could even use the iTunes database to customize song selection. And, of course, there is always shuffle.

How fantastic is that? I can imagine a visitor coming over: “Hey, what’s that iMac doing hooked up to your stereo?”

“Oh, that? That’s my jukebox.”

Totally geeky, and totally fitting with his theme of using old-school Macs in these weird times.


  1. This is even more fun with an ATI Remote Wonder, which works out-of-the-box with no problem. My G3 is in the kitchen playing music on-demand. I even run it from an external HD (and use a script to spin-down the internal one) so it is completely silent except for the music.

  2. Steve, do you use the stock iMac speakers, or do you have better ones hooked up?

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