iMac G4 as clock

iMac G4 as clock



Nouveau (by mαxsmith)

There are several things I love about this. The old “Luxo” iMac. The tin cans for office supply holders. The 10 dollar task lamp. But something about the composition and lighting are so full of win that I am forced to reblog.

Indeed. I’d get another G4 just to do this. Or do the eMate version.


  1. This ‘flip clock’ shown here is actually a free screensaver called Fliqlo. I used the same one on my current MacBook Pro.

  2. Neat-o. Thanks for sharing! Now I really do have an excuse to grab a 20″ iMac G4.

  3. No… stop it.. please… you’re making me want an iMac G4 even more now! I just have to find a 20″ one to match my 20″ iMac G5…

  4. Amen, mra. A 20″ iMac G4 is my dream machine. Although a 20″ iMac G5 (or one of the still-white Intel iMacs) would be most welcome, too.

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