Return of the Mac

Golly. I’ve really done it now.

This little project started last fall, after the “Back to the Mac” Apple event. I collected a few Apple product videos, scoured YouTube for the highest quality PowerPC-era Mac commercials I could find – even asked Twitter where to find good, high-res files.

But I made do. And so here it is: a goofy, super geeky take on “Return of the Mack” – dropping the “k” of course.

What I like is that Apple videos make their machines fly – lots of swooping and dramatic angles and shadows. Tons of product rotations. All (except for the PowerMac G5 vid) against a brilliant white background.

For variety, I threw in some random stuff like the chip manufacturing shots. And some Apple reps doing some bad lip syncing.

Anyway. Glad to be done with it. It’s nothing like a pro job: there are still little hints of YouTubeness and window frames in there. But it’s just a fun little music video for us Macintosh geeks.


  1. Well, since nobody else has commented (yet)… this was pretty cool. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Jonathan!

  3. It’s awesome!
    Btw, for future video downloading/converting (instead of screen capture) try using Cmd-Opt-A in Safari (brings up an Activity window where you just Option-Doubleclick on the video file url (usually it’s the biggest file in there) and FFMpegX/Compressor for converting them into a format that iMovie can understand

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