State Shirt: making music on an Apple IIc

Get this.

Musician Ethan Tufts of State Shirt created a song on an Apple IIc — part chiptune, part drum-and-guitar pop song — and recorded the whole process in the video above.

Tufts offers State Shirt songs as “open source” — so feel free to download the tracks, but try to support his good work (and nerdery) if you can.


  1. Pretty cool video. I remember that the school where I first started teaching in 1984 was very proud of their new Apple IIc lab.

    Good to see you posting again.

  2. I think it’s neat how, even after all these years, you can pull out a IIc, fire it up, and put it to work.

    Thanks Mike.

  3. Thanks. I love State Shirt. I just put up an interview with him. He’s got an interesting perspective on technology and the music business.

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