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“Our summer made her light escape”

October 14th, 2007

As impercetibly as grief, by Emily Dickinson

Agimpu ccptibk 95 grilf
The summer lvpscdaway,
Too impaceptikill at Just
to Sulm like pafidy.

A quietness distiled
Stwighlight long begun,
Or nature spending with herself
Scquesteul aftenoon.

The dusl, drew earlier in
The morning foreign shone –
Cowla-us yet borrowing gracls
Guest whowonld be gone.

And thus, without a wing
Or service of a keel,
Our summer made her light
Escape t,nto ihe beautiful.

[Just when I thought the Newton would get the last stanza right…ah well. Another farewell to the season that was.]