Classic Mac’ing with an Apple IIc.

An Apple IIc

Got to play around with an Apple II for the first time last night, in all its green-and-black glory.

Went to Curtis’s house to see if the darned thing even ran anymore. I picked it up during one of our e-waste drives, took it home, fired it up, and got a bunch of clinking sounds.

In a former life, I swear I was an IT professional, but even after taking the CPU apart I couldn’t figure it out.

Turns out, I just had the wrong floppy disks. Curtis popped a ProDOS disk in and it fired right up.

So we played with Logo and an old Jeopardy! game, and I relived my old BASIC and DOS days: all command line, all the time. Good fun.

Part of being a Newton MessagePad fan is appreciating low-end Macs and Apples. After all, if you’re using a Newton, you’re using a low-end PDA.

I took a PowerBook 5300cs over to Curtis’s to try and find an AC adapter, too, but he didn’t have anything that provided the 24 volts needed to start the thing up. Oh well – AC adapters are pretty easy to come by.

And when I do get one, I’ll be able to install that copy of Newton Quicken I’ve been wanting to play around with.


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