July 11: I’ll be there

Half-hour #2.

It’s official. I took the day off work. I have a friend who might be joining me.

I’ll be there.

Come July 11, I’ll be one of the fools in line at the Ann Arbor Apple Store waiting for an iPhone.

The news I’ve been reading says things may be crazy. The scripts are ready. The lines are forming. And the hour is pretty well known.

Who’s with me?

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  2. do you know what time people will start lining up at briarwood in ann arbor tomorrow? i know that apple doesn’t open until 8am but i NEED to get the phone tomorrow (because I was an idiot and sold my old iphone, so I will otherwise be without a phone at all unless I get the new one)….

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  4. I have no idea, Maria. I imagine before 8 a.m., but I even wonder whether the mall will be open by then. And as far as “needing”: that makes two of us!

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