News you can use: refurb 80 GB iPod price drops

Good news: Apple has dropped refurbished iPod Classic prices on the 80 GB model to $179, down from $199 only a week ago.

I’m always scanning the Apple Store’s refurb list for deals, and this one’s a doozy. It makes me wonder: does the price drop signal something? A clearing-out of inventory, perhaps, in anticipation of something on the horizon?

iPod Nano refurbs are cheaper these days, too, while iPod Shuffles are stuck at $10 under retail. When Apple dropped the Shuffle prices, the refurbs took a few days to catch up with the new pricing scheme.

So what do you think? Is something new coming? Or is this just a fabulous deal?

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  1. I do not believe this

  2. Mostly Terriffic
    Lets face it – the iPod is the most accessorized product on the market. With gadgets galore – that is half the fun of having one – more so then the Creative Zen Vision I had. It has a great sound and is easy to carry around on the go. I don’t personally like having to eject it through iTunes to remove it – but it really isn’t a terribly long process. iTunes is great for purchasing music – the Genius sidebar that actually makes mixes for you based on what music you have is also great. In some cases, it isn’t quite work like my brain is wired to expect it to (and I dare not call it “worse” or “better” then Windows Media player – I am just very familiar and like many things about it better). I also don’t like how difficult it seems to move your music around from computer to computer (My Creative product, I could pull music off and on easily no matter if I was at my home or work computer) – iTunes seemily makes this difficult (though I understand the necessity of that for my purchased items). I still love the product and will likely stick with iPods for the rest of my purchasing life.

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