iPhone stylus reviews by Macenstein

Macenstein does a great, in-depth review of two iPhone styluses after figuring that drawing with a finger is too hard to do.

One is the Pogo stylus, which we’ve covered here before. The other is a Japanese Touch Pen Stylus. Dr. Macenstein puts the two to the test by drawing – of all things – Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Check it out. In the meantime, any thoughts on an iPhone stylus? Does it ruin the whole thing, or is it a good way to get your modern-day Newton fix?


  1. I have never even held an iPhone. :(
    But I have a friend that went out and bought the new one, then turned right around and bought a Blackberry because he said the iPhone’s touchscreen was just too much of a pain.

  2. I love my iPhone and concur with Steve’s thoughts on keeping it stylus free (you can’t loose your fingers). But a stylus to use for the drawing apps would be great as well as for some games and apps that require precise touching. However for typing my thumbs would work faster than peck and find with a stylus (unless a handwriting recognition is added like on the newton)

  3. Vince, I’m finding that my thumbs are being “trained” the more I use the iPhone’s keypad. Maybe that’s your friend’s issue, Ash – give it some time, and you can clock some serious wpm.

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