iMacs make for great workspaces


Another example of an iMac used in an office, with great effect. Last time it was a G4 (my favorite). This time, either a G5 or an early Intel iMac.

The workspace, from Apartment Therapy, is an example of a “floating desk” design for cramped offices.

I like how the iMac’s screen seems to float in mid-air, too, with the white body of the iMac blending into the wall behind it.

Which makes me wonder: will we see computer screens hung on a wall, like high-def TVs are now? Would you run the cords through the wall, so it appeared to float? I’d love to see one.


  1. I’d love to see a mounted monitor. Perhaps if I ever get a desk with a hutch, I’ll try my hand at mounting my PC monitor to the back of the hutch. PC of course, in case anything goes wrong… always test new ideas on the crap model first ;)

  2. Amen, Ashley :-) Share if you get it working!

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