Newtonsearch is the Google of the Newton world


Looking for something? is a “searchable index of web sites” for Apple’s Newton MessagePad. Think of it as the Google of Newton-topia, except Newtonsearch only searches Newton-related sites.

The site also provides a giantlist of Newton sites that it indexes “from time to time.” What I like is that there are a ton of sites Newtonsearch crawls through.

Though when I tried a few search terms myself, I noticed how many times Newtontalk conversation threads appeared in the results – which only makes sense. Newtontalk subscribers talk about everything.

I can’t wait to browse through the searched sites and add them to my own Newton Sites list.

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  1. Hi thanks for this kind posting. I just updated and let the crawler run again. Too bad many newtonsites are going..anyway, I will keep the site up, also in 2013 ;-)

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