Newton eBook Reader broken on latest Firefox

Saw this when I installed the newest build, version 3.5.7, of Firefox:

Firefox Newton eBook Reader

Bummer. That means no more Newton eBook Reader on Firefox until the add-on gets updated.

I just check to see if an update has been released yet. Sure enough, not:

eBook Reader not updated

I’ll check back in a bit to see if an update’s been posted.


  1. Sucks, doesn’t it? That was about the only reason I have Firefox on my PC. (I prefer Opera)

  2. Check out: adding a setting to Firefox’s configuration will allow you to run extensions labeled as incompatible. Tested it with the Newton eBook Reader and everything appeared to still work.

  3. There’s an extension that also allows you to over-ride version checking in Firefox called Nightly Tester Tools:

    The Newton eBook reader works fine under version 3.6.3 of Firefox if you install it using this extension.

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