Classic Mac setups

Riccardo Mori over at System Folder had a neat idea: post Mac users’ classic setups using low-end hardware.

His first profile comes from Stories of Apple author Nicola D’Agostino, who uses two PowerBook G3s – one running OS 8.6 for scanning and the other sporting both OS 9 and OS X 10.4 for music.

It’s great to see recent-era classic Macs still in everyday use, and I look forward to see who else shares their classic setup with Mori.

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  1. The hard drive in my 17″ PowerBook G4 recently crashed, and until I can get it fixed I am using a PowerBook 3400c (200mhz, from 1997) as my main laptop. As old as it is it actually handles most of the websites I visit pretty well, rendering Flickr and eBay just like my Intel iMac.

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