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eMate was the original Apple netbook, says blogger

November 6th, 2008

Maybe Apple already created a newtbook…er, notebook?

That’s what Charles Moore over at the Apple Blog says:

It’s not as if Apple hasn’t charted this territory before. We could argue that Apple pioneered the netbook concept back in 1997 with the Newton eMate 300, which combined PDA engineering and features in a laptop crossover form factor.

Moore goes on to say that the eMate’s networking abilities, cheaper pricetag, and small footprint was a great example of Apple stuffing many features into a small form-factor.

This is something I hadn’t thought of. The 12″ iBook seems more like a capable netbook prototype to me – just make it thinner and you might have a deal.

What do you think? Is Apple gearing up for a netbook Mac? Do you even care?

[Photo courtesy of Applefritter.]