Apple making a tablet (aka, Newton 2)?

The look and feel of the thing has been published, the guts, and even the producer, but is this thing a possibility?

Previous patents have pointed more toward the iPhone, in retrospect. And the argument for a tablet says that doctors and do-gooders on the move can really use a portable Mac like what’s proposed. But the thing about Apple rumors is they’re rarely accurate. Or even true. This tablet Mac rumor has seen more than its share of screen space.

We’ve known that Steve Jobs holds no love for PDAs (or else Newtons would be alive and well, right?). My take (and I’m not alone on this one) is that if there is a Newton- or tablet-like device, it may just be a modified iPhone. Apple may decide to freshen things up in this product line like it did with the iPod: color, photo, video, games, etc.

But heck, is the rumor even true?

This will be the first edition of “RumorPad Watch.” I’ll keep you updated. Back to the poetry…


  1. […] Sieger’s evidence is based on Apple buying up 5.2″ touchscreens, tons of flash memory, and lack of QWERTY keyboard.Sieger, however, leaves out room for chance, or Apple’s ability to surprise people with something totally new and unexpected.He says it can’t be a new Newton, because of the lack of PDA demand from the American public, “although various PDA functionalities may in fact be included in the final version of the device.”It’s all shot-in-the-dark stuff, and the evidence he sites is flimsy at best. This could all belong to that nebulous cloud of Applet tablet rumors we’ve heard so much about.[Read previous “RumorPad Watch” entry] […]

  2. […] This is from Apple’s job site. Someone shared the post from, who reminds us that “Rosetta technology has found its way into Mac OS X under the name ‘Inkwell,’ but requires a tablet to be installed for use.”So what do you say? Got what it takes to invent the next Newton? […]

  3. […] and are charging ahead.Which is cool. This thing has been around as long as…well, as long as this blog, actually, and probably before.It’s not enough that everyone loses their friggin’ minds […]

  4. […] when I first started Newton Poetry, a few months after the iPhone came out, people were talking Newton 2.0 in the form of a larger-form iPod Touch: 10″ screen, iPhone OS, touch-screen input, etc. Even […]

  5. […] finally introduced the iPad tablet computer last Wednesday, confirming rumors that have been circulating since before I started Newton Poetry a few years ago. From then to now, I’ve read article […]

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