Looking for Newton-based links.

This is how many Newton pages look now

On the web, the Newton community used to be a very vibrant one. Before Newted crashed, Grant Hutchinson was able to post tons of web pages of MessagePad developers, modders, and tweakers.

Now? Most of those pages are gone. Dead links are everywhere.

So I’ve started a project of sorts: keep a list of actual, working Newton web sites that are still maintained. Barring that, they have to at least be functional.

I’ll probably post another page to this blog (next to the “About” one, above), and add to the list when I discover new sites.

So here’s the call: if you have a site, blog, or community online, I’d love to see it. I’d love for Newton fans and newbies to be able to check out sites that are still up and running.

I’ve got the standards, like UNNA.org and Kallisys and Grant’s Newted site (hopefully it gets up and running again), but I’m sure I’m missing tons of others out there – lost in Internet Land.

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  1. I have been slowly gathering bits and pieces of the static page content that used to live on the Newted Community site. Not all of it has been salvageable, unfortunately. I do intend on getting what I can back into fighting shape, it just takes time. I certainly appreciate what you’re doing here, though.


  2. Thanks for your hard work, Grant. It was sure a bummer went everything crashed on you. Feel free to steal anything you find here – and to pass along any sites I may miss.

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