MyAppleSpace – Apple social networking?

MyAppleSpace is the Apple-inspired MySpace

It was bound to happen. Now there’s a social networking site – like Myspace or Facebook – dedicated to Apple users.

It’s called MyAppleSpace, and according to Brian Floe, it’s the networking site “for the rest of us”:

iPhone, iPod, Mac or even AppleTV users now have a common home to explore the everything Apple, share experiences, network with other users, create usergroups within the community, create their own profile with their own private blog, upload Apple related video, photos and even music.

MyAppleSpace is pretty simple to start out. It has some customization features (my profile is “Bondi”) and the ability to comment and blog and share videos. All pretty standard stuff. I created a group called “Newton Users” (nach), and it was a snap. Now we’ll see if anyone joins.

Because that’s the power of social networks: the bigger, the better. But an Apple-themed site can stay just small enough to be comfy and familiar.

Check it out, and join my Newton group. I’ll see you on MyAppleSpace.

[UPDATE: Read my interview with MyAppleSpace creator Brian Flow.]

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  1. Thanks for the kind words :)

  2. Hey, had to spread the word! You probably got some traffic from MacSurfer browsers, because this was my biggest post to date visitor-wise.

  3. Will it be built in Flash?

  4. It’s already built, and I’ll refer you to Brian (above) on that one.

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  6. Hmmm. Sounds like a copyright suit waiting to happen. How will Myspace take the too-similar name?

  7. MyAppleSpace! with Apples penchant to sue over minor infringements of their corporate logo, i can see this being squeezed out in a pincer movement by both Apple and My space..

  8. Good points, Catana and eirpod. I doubt Apple will be all that concerned about it, but the name is awfully similar to Myspace’s. Hmmmm….Brian?

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  10. Wow. This is pretty cool. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  11. Hi all

    If Apple wishes I can change to “Apple light” in the top banner no problem. I believe “MySpace” has no rights to domain names that are “similar”.

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