Nokia N800 versus Newton MessagePad

Nokia\'s N800 internet tablet

If you’re looking to…gulp…replace your Newton, Nokia’s N800 may just be the portable PC you’re looking for.

This according to a review/comparison over here that gets pretty in-depth into the features of the N800, a modern internet tablet that runs about $200.

The modern Linux interface of the N800, however, is not without its drawbacks:

I like the N800. That’s why I bought it. But as great as the N800 is, and as much of an advance it represents technologically over my 10-year-old MessagePad, I am surprised at how much more sophisticated the MessagePad is than the N800 in terms of user experience.

The handwriting recognition, printing and faxing, and battery life (themes we’ve all heard before) are superior on the MessagePad 2100, according to the author.

Check out the full review for another great fight between a modern tablet and our good friend, the Newton.

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  1. Newton MessagePad vs. MS Origami:

  2. Funny Blake: I reported on that one, too. It’s a classic comparison, and shows the benefits of using a Newton in a Steve Jobs world. Love the “Touch Arcade” stuff you’re doing, by the way – what a great idea.

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