3G Epilogue: pics from the day

Made it home safe and sound, and finding out news about the server crashes have spread like wildfire. I helped break the news over at Macenstein, but I think everyone eventually got the message.

The iPhone 3G launch was a worldwide event. Something had to go wrong. It’s too bad that “something” was of this magnitude.

I felt safer knowing this guy was in charge of security. Honestly – it’s a mall. Is it that hard to walk around? Unless he’s handicapped, in which case I feel bad…

Just before we enter the store. You could tell if the servers went down by the activity inside. No one by a Mac? No server. Line on the left moving? Servers are working.

Here’s the “no comment” fella telling these ladies no entry. Lots of people stopped and asked about the line, though. Depending on their age, it was horrified aversion or grim understanding.

One of the beverage carts I talked about earlier. Coffee or “Smart Water,” whatever that means. I grabbed an abandoned bottle of the stuff. I couldn’t tell if it was already opened, so I started chugging. The cookies made me thirsty.

Finally inside the store. This is where I say “goodbye” to my line friends and “hello” to the Apple Specialist.

This guy was able to set up his phone in-store. When it was my turn, however, everything crashed. It happened like that all morning: servers up, servers down. Amazing. There were a few guys huddled in the mall, laptops in hand, who were trying to set up their phones through iTunes 7.7. They just couldn’t wait. I could have plugged my iBook in and tried, too, but I had enough of the Briarwood Mall. I’ll do mine from home, thanks.

More pics to come, but in the meantime you can read the total coverage of July 11, 2008 – iPhone 3G launch day.

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