What’s your favorite Mac?

iMac G4

Macworld is hosting a “Best Mac Ever” roundup, with one model – the Mac SE/30 – getting the most nods. Andy Ihnatko, however, says the best Macintosh is always “the first one you owned.”

And there’s some truth to that. My iBook G4 is still my main computer, and I’ll probably never (ever) get rid of it.

But the best Mac? It has to be the iMac G4.

You, dear reader, probably saw that one coming, right? My time with Macs has been relatively short, but I remember the iMac G4 taking my breath away when I first saw it, and it was the first Mac to really get me thinking about switching to Apple.

Now I use mine every single day. The entire G4 line has been good to me, and they’re the fastest and newest Macs I’ve owned.

What do you think? What’s the best Mac ever?


  1. I will have to concur with you on the iMac G4. Ever since I laid eyes on it in a comp USA in the summer of 2003 I wanted it. I still of yet to acquire one, but some day I will. Second on the list is my slot loading indigo iMac G3 500Mhz. I love having a colored computer and it handles all my scanning and is a data server for my Art Photo and Comic Biz, Blueberryarts.com (named for the color of my first PowerMac #3 on my list.)

  2. iMac G3 hands down.

    At the time, it was pretty much the only palatable computer.

    I used to want one _SO_ bad.

  3. Did you ever get one, Erik?

  4. […] iMac G4, as I’ve said time and time again, is my favorite Mac design ever. It’s so great that I went and bought one last summer, and now it serves as my main web […]

  5. PowerMac G3 blue & white, my first mac. But the iMac G4 is also good!

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