World weeps as iMac G4 becomes obsolete

Digital hub.

Okay, maybe it’s just me with a tear in my eye.

Apple is listing the iMac G4 series as “obsolete” as of September 15. This means Apple won’t make repairs on the beloved iLamp.

The iMac G4, as I’ve said time and time again, is my favorite Mac design ever. It’s so great that I went and bought one last summer, and now it serves as my main web surfer, e-mail, and blogging Mac.

[Via Cult of Mac.]


  1. I was just about to buy one, too… ;-)

    Not that this won’t stop me. Prediction: truckloads of them will be on eBay as people find that Snow Leopard won’t load on their new machines.

  2. Errr, s/new/old/ for that last sentence.

  3. If I had money (instead of student loan debt) after college one of these would be gracing my desk right now. I must have been in compUSA drooling over this machine every week. Hopefully with it becoming obsolete I can now find one on eBay for a decent price (i.e. like my $30 iMac G3)

  4. I’d still love to get a 20″ model, Snow Leopard or not. Hopefully you’re both right: they’ll be cheaper eventually. I’ve already noticed the first generation (800 MHz or so) are going for pretty cheap these days.

  5. Too bad, That was an awesome design, I remember the commercial for it.

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