NewtMail: White iPhone tough enough?

The manly white iPhone

Chad S. writes:

I was doing some searching on Google for white iPhone impressions. WIth the new 3GS coming in both colours for both GB versions I have a choice to make when I upgrade from my 1G. Now I’m not the type of person to baby my gadgets, and I don’t believe in cases. So my question is, having had a white iPhone for some time now, how much do you baby it, and how badly scratched / scuffed is the back?

I love the look of the white, and if it scratches less than the black I’ll be all over it. I’m just worried that after time it will end up looking ‘dirty’ or really worn in instead of just scuffed. Thanks.

Good questions, all, because I was worried about the same thing.

For instance, I took a look at my iBook G4 and wondered, “Do I really want another white Apple product?” They get so dirty so fast.

I’m a big fan of the white iPhone myself, and have defended it in the past (people still wonder about the white iPhone’s “manliness,” judging from the search topics above). I opted to get a white case my iPhone, in the end. It matches the 3G back perfectly. The only thing missing (sadly) is the Apple logo. Looking at the back of my phone, I see all the scratch marks and am thankful I opted for the case.

Think of this: do you have an iPod? Is the metal back all scratched? Your iPhone will be comparable, depending on what else you keep in your pocket, how much you baby it, etc. Shucks, I have a back to mine and I still baby it.

I hope that helps.

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  1. I have a white 3G iPhone and I keep it in my pocket without a case. I used to have a case when I first got it but they’re a lot more trouble than their worth IMO. There hasn’t been a problem with the screen, even though it’s frequently in there with keys and occasionally change. The back has got a bit scuffed where the apple logo is and that’s it.

    I have read that the new oleophobic screen on the 3GS is a bit softer than the 3G’s glass but that’s hearsay.

    Personally, the iPhone has completely surplanted my Newt 2k.

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