iMac G4 caught in the wild

iMac G4 in the wild

An iMac G4 makes the perfect addition to any workspace, even ones with chill-inducing dog decorations adorning the wall.

It looks like a modest 15″ edition running OS X 10.4 Tiger, the same as mine. Here’s another workspace featuring an iMac G4 that’s a bit more my style. Love the chair.

[Via Desire to Inspire, courtesy of Fffound!]


  1. LOL, you people are soooo predictable! Macs are just furniture!

  2. I like both setups! I love how they used a textbook as a work around for the whole CD tray hitting keyboard issue.

  3. Here’s a shot of our iMac in its natural habitat from a few years ago.

  4. Gorgeous…I see I already commented on it, too. Now it’s a favorite.

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