The missing iLink


After the new iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac Minis were released yesterday, I couldn’t but notice Apple posted an evolutionary progression of the iMac models. The all-in-one, Apple says, was a “great idea.”

Except it was missing one: the poor iMac G3 line.

So here it is added. I also celebrated the iMac relaunch with a new iPhone wallpaper. Enjoy.


  1. You think they would have at least included the final “Snow” G3 iMac, as it matches the rest in the lineup.

  2. Right, good point. Maybe they were just bragging about the flat-screen models.

  3. The iMac line has gone so far away from the G3 over the years: it was originally a great machine for your Aunt Tilly, but the G4 pushed the price away from the grasp of those people. And the increasing screen sizes, along with processor power which is now comparable to the Mac Pro, have meant it has become a bastard child of that dream.

    I’d love the next iMac to be cut-down rather than built-up, because I feel that a return to the original dream for the iMac—and in a sense, the original dream for the Macintosh altogether—as a machine for everybody is not fulfilled.

  4. Good points, David. When I saw the $1,999 price on the top-end iMac this time around, I thought, “Golly, it’s a Mac Pro with a built-in display.”

    I fell in love with the iMac because it was an extension of the “computer for the rest of us” dream that sprang from the original Macintosh. Anyone could own one, you pull it out of the box, and you’re on the Internet in a snap.

    And it’s still that way. It’s just that they seem higher-end these days. Maybe the Mac Mini fills the void?

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