Newton quote of the week: tablet, schmablet

“The coming of an Apple tablet has been rumored since the death of the Newton. Talk to anyone versed in Apple lore, and they’ll tell you one’s just around the corner. Not only that, they’ll probably tell you what it’ll be like.

…But it’s important to remember that for every true rumor out there, there are five false ones and, most importantly, three things that no one’s even imagined.”

The Macalope on the spread of rumors about a device no one has even seen yet, and how rumor-spreaders have been wrong (way wrong) before.

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  1. I agree. I may not have been around when the Newton stopped being produced, but Apple tablet rumors have been circulating at the rate they are now since 2007.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is feeding the rumors to people to increase their stock price; I mean, take a look at it now. Record high.

    Happy Holidays Dave!

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