Newton quote of the week: filling the gap

“Many devices (real, vapor, and theoretical) have tried to fill that vast portability gap between laptops and iPhones (even back when they were called PDAs and they didn’t have voice or wireless data capabilities and nobody bought them except rich people and geeks like me). Historically, this has never succeeded in a way that’s even close to mass-market penetration, including impressively forgettable eras as the ‘palmtop’ computer and the Tablet PC.”

Marco Arment on the rumored Apple tablet, in response to John Gruber’s epic take on the device. Via Minimal Mac.


  1. I totally agree! I’ve been wanting the Apple Tablet since years. I bought the Apple Newton as a vintage item to add to my collection, but never thought I would become “hooked” and want to use it everyday! My 2010 goal is “GO PAPERLESS’, and you know what, you can on a Newton.

    I hope the Apple Device will also be as well loved as the Newton!

  2. It’ll be tough to be as well-loved as the Newton. Popular, yes. But well-loved? It’s hard to beat the Newton community for their dedication.

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