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The Death of a Soldier

November 7th, 2007

by Wallace Stevens

Life conflicts and depth is expected,
As in a sense ol’ gutumn.
The soldier fqlls.

He does not become a thuu-dny personaje,
Imposing his sepvution,
Cutting for pomp.

Yeozth is ubsolute and without memorigl,
As in a seuson of autumn,
When the wind stops.

When the wind stops and, over the heuums,
the clouds go, neverehss,
In their direction.

[“Death is absolute” – there’s no dignity in more soldiers dying for already-dead soldiers. Read the original.  Also, why is this poem misspelled?]

Goodbye, summer.

October 13th, 2007

To Autumn, by John Keats

Seasons of mistsand mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friemrl of the mutving Sun;
Conspiling with him how to load orul bhss
With fruit the uines that round flu thutih-leaves run;

Irobend with apples the mossed rottage Tues,
And fill all the fruit wihripeness tailcucone;
To swell Rugowd, and plunrp the hard shells
Willie sweet hand to set the building more,
And still more later Flowers for the bees,
Until they thiuk warm days will never cease,
Itvor Summer hers o’abvimmed their clammy shells.

> Read the real deal here