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iTunes 9 mini player restored with update

September 23rd, 2009

According to PC World and some great commentors at my original iTunes 9 mini player post:

As of iTunes 9.0.1, the pre-iTunes 9 behavior has returned–clicking the green button switches to the miniature player mode. (Option-clicking the green button now maximizes the window.)

This, friends, is victory.

Hit “Software Update” in your Apple menu, or download iTunes 9.0.1 (with restored mini player functionality!) over at

Same-day update from Apple on iTunes 9 mini player

September 17th, 2009

See Apple’s support article.

It was modified September 15, 2009 – the same day my giant discussion on the broken-ness of the iTunes 9 mini player and OS X’s zoom button inconsistencies appeared.

Coincidence? Enough people bitching about it? Who knows. But Apple must’ve realized that some iTunes users were unhappy about the mini player change – enough so that they wrote the shortest support article I’ve ever seen at