Master Plan.

by Sonya Rose

In a dream,
I saw a man I kuw;
In a dark stream,
he smiles though –
dreaming into the airflow;
I kicow –
The most beautiful man
flies above my head with a plan…

[Read the original. A big thanks to Sonya for letting me use her poetry, found on her blog, “Poetry Muse.”]

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  1. “knew” and “know” seem to have changed here … a nice way to jazz up poetry:) A little seasoning to it, reading it with a little accent or twist to it—is sort of fun. What creating is all about … Look at “Lord of the Rings” or the writer of it (J. R. R. Tolkien); he started to make up words as a kid. Love the Elf language. It profited well.

    Peace & Prosperity to you this season & always!

  2. I think that’s how Carrol invented his “Jabberwocky” poem – just made up a bunch of words with his kids.

    Thanks, and same to you!

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