Goal: 500 visitors a day.

If I make that?


That’s my goal. At least 500 visitors a day (and hopefully a few more comments) and I’ll switch to a unique domain.


  1. A good goal – keep up the good work. An active Newton blog is a rare find these days, obviously.

    I’ve been enjoying the site since I discovered it a few weeks back, as has my old PDA-loving pal Arnold Kim from MacRumors.

    Arn’s collection:

    My collection:


  2. Thanks for sharing, Blake, and thanks for being a reader. It’s such a niche group that 500 seems like a lofty goal, but who knows? It’s funny: I’ve seen your stuff on Flickr before. And now here you are. I’ll also add the Newton Collector page to my list of links I’m compiling. So many Newton page links are dead these days that I want to have an up-to-date list of sites that are still up and running.

  3. Just found your site, hope you keep going and that you reach your goal. I was a Newton user when it was first out (a 120 I believe). Now I just bought a 2100 on eBay and look forward to putting wifi and bluetooth in it and see if it can actually be useful today.

  4. Thanks Magnus. I’m aiming to get a 2100 by summer’s-end, just to play around with and tackle some of the projects you mentioned.

  5. […] the rough draft Someday Newton Poetry will have its own domain name, after a certain goal has been reached.Before that happens, however, I have to draw up a plan. So that’s exactly what I did. If and […]

  6. How the hell did you get 500 visitors a day? I’m around 60 a day.

  7. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, JD.

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