Newton makes another list.

Like it hasn’t happened before, right?

This time, our green friend made’s “Lamest Fetish Items” list. Gear lust gone bad? Says Wired: “Most misunderstood gadget ever? Or biggest flop? Both.”

Flop this. Newton seems to appear on every list ever made by a technology-based site, for good or ill.

Enough’s enough already, folks. We know the MessagePad was both cool for the time and a big commercial flop. We get it.

Happy Memorial Day.

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  1. […] “fanatics.” Typical Fox News “research.”The post is one in a series of (wait for it) “Worst Gadgets Ever” articles is running.Thankfully Prial […]

  2. […] Newton makes another ‘biggest flop’ list Sigh.The hits, they keep coming. This time, it’s from ad-heavy Wallet Pop and their “Top 25 Biggest Product Flops of all.” Right up there with New Coke, Harley-Davidson perfume, and Earring Magic Ken (Barbie’s former douche) rests our friend, the Newton MessagePad, at number 16.Most of these lists are simple hit-count generators, because you have to cycle through all 25 flops page by page by page.Thanks Wallet Flop, or whatever, but you’re late to the game. […]

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