Newton article at Fox Business written by a no-talent jerk.

If you were one of the few people browsing Fox’s fledgling business channel web site yesterday, you may have stumbled on their article, “Apple’s Newton Lives, on the Internet.” It came across the Newtontalk list, and I might have noticed it sooner had the author, Dunstan Prial, provided a link to ‘Newton Poetry’ when he mentioned this site (last paragraph of the article).

While any coverage of the MessagePad is welcome, I took issue with Prial’s johnny-come-lately wording. Here’s Prial making fun of Newton fans in full passive-aggressive mode:

There are Newton blogs, Newton Web sites (organized by something called the United Network of Newton Archives), Newton social networking sites, an annual Worldwide Newton Conference, and seemingly more chatrooms dedicated to the handheld devices than just about any other gadget ever made.

“Personally, I can’t live without Five Speed’s Dashboard, but it really depends on what you’re looking to do with your Newton,” one enthusiast wrote recently on a popular social networking site.

The post reflects the common mix of die-hard exuberance and cutting edge technological savvy typical among current Newton users, who speak their own language.

Prial goes on to note how “some” call Newton fans “fanatics.” Typical Fox News “research.”

The post is one in a series of (wait for it) “Worst Gadgets Ever” articles is running.

Thankfully Prial doesn’t try his hand at any Photoshop work.


  1. That quote “on a popular social networking site” was a tweet [1] written by me in response to a question [2] posed by a member of the NewtonTalk mailing list. That’s hardly social networking. That’s simple Q & A.

    The “jerk” should have credited the author and the source as well.



  2. Amen. He was just trolling through the web and found something that sounded “dorky” enough to include in his article.

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