Newton…in your pocket?

Yikes. Newton in your pocket?

Maybe I don’t remember ’90s jean styles all that well – I was only 12 or 13 at the time – but somehow this ad seems improbable.

What do you think? Can your Newton fit in your back pocket?

[Image courtesy of The Mothership.]

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  1. With the jeans I wore in the ninety’s, a Newton could easily have fit. On a daily basis in high school I had a TI calculator a “George Costanza” wallet, keys with way too many key chains attached, sunglasses, a wide assortment of pens pencils and markers, and a 3×5 sketchbook. I wore pants several sizes too big to use the larger pockets. So if I was able to afford a Newton back then and if I took out the calculator, I would have been able to fit one in my pocket.

    (its weird how i can remember what was in my pocket in 1997, but cant remember what I wore on Monday this week, hahaha)

  2. Hoo-ha. I used to wear my pants pretty baggy too, and maybe I could’ve fit a Newton into the back pocket. But it would’ve been tight. Maybe having a big butt helps?

  3. I was a little young to have Newton back then.
    Though I can assure you I wore blue slacks on a regular basis. far too small to be practical for anything electronic in those days, though then again, what would a 5th grader use with one?

    my MP2100 fits just fine in most of my jeans, even the slim ones, though the pockets on those are too low to be useful (who puts back pockets on the rear of your thigh?
    anyway, knowing me, I’d sit on it. So it’s often in my sweatshirt or jacket pocket, with the Apple logo conveniently visible. Recent Apple converts often spot it and ask where I got my iPhone prototype, among other things!

  4. Awesome – “iPhone prototype.” I like that. Inspired by your comment, Ian, I did a test on my current summer shorts, and the only pocket my 110 fits in comfortably is the cargo one on the side. But it keeps bumping against my leg, so it’s a no-go.

  5. My MP2100 doesn’t fit in my jeans, but it does fit in the leg pocket of my cargo pants. I think I’ll stick with my courier bag or backpack! :-)

  6. They still make Newtons?

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