Blinking Airport Base Station says ‘give me new firmware’

And I tell it to go screw itself.

My Airport Extreme Base Station has been blinking amber for three days now. It’s blinking because, as you can see above, it’s wanting me to download the updated firmware and Airport Utility software.

You know what? Tough luck.

After all the trouble this base station’s firmware has given me, and now that it’s finally working right, I’m not going to let a little blinking yellow light stop me.


  1. All Mac hardware tends to be problem prone. If you have it working up to 62% of the time, I agree that you should let it be! That’s about as good as these people get!

  2. HI Dave – thought I’d let you know I took my Macbook and both Airport Express and Extreme to one of the Apple stores here. The tech was able to get me up and running. He had to do 2 hard resets of the base station and FIVE resets of the express – then he configured them both so I could have them both on in my house which hadn’t been possible before. I am typing from my couch watching the Olympics, so I’m back up….for now. He wasn’t sure what had happened – I mentioned all the firmware update issues and the dropped signal issues that people were posting online. Having read your posts, I will NOT update my firmware should it ask me to. Thank you so much for your post and your insights – I’m glad this finally got solved at least for now, but I am aware it may start up again. Best of luck, and thank you again for your help!

  3. Why dont you create a backup, try it and then if it doesnt work restore your back up? :)?

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