This weekend, ‘Newton Poetry’ 2.1 released

A couple of updates before we head into the weekend, mostly regarding Newton Poetry news.

First, I’ve decided to take the plunge and nab an affordable eMate off eBay. From the auctions I’ve seen, I can get a decent model for about $20. This way, I can finally play around with a Newton OS 2.x MessagePad – and do it on the cheap.

Second, I’m switching my domain name to “” Newton Poetry will still be hosted on (at least for the time being), but I figured if I ever want to make the big move to a self-published blog, I might as well have Google and blog links directing traffic to a unique domain. So be sure to update your bookmarks and tags.

Just out of curiosity – does anyone have any experience doing this? Has your site done better, worse, or the same since you switched domain names? And has anyone taken a blog and switched it to a third-party host? I’d love some pointers before I get all this started.

Also, I’d love to have some guest bloggers on Newton Poetry. If reaching an audience of MessagePad enthusiasts has some appeal, and if you have any experience fiddling with your Newt, drop me a line at newtonpoetry [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know what you’d like to write about. The Newton community is one of the most closely-knit ones I’ve ever encountered, and there are tons of people out there with more knowledge about all things Newton than me (though I hope to change that here real soon). Shucks, imagine how useful someone with Newton and Windows experience would be around here.

And hey, your posts don’t have to be just about the Newton. Newton Poetry is a blog for DIYers, hackers, Mac modders, and appreciators of classic Apple machines – plus iPhone and iPod users. We’re not finicky. If you’ve done a fun and useful Mac project, I’d love to feature it.

Part of me is wondering where to take this blog in the next month or so as it approaches the first anniversary. I think a little new blood, and some new ideas, would do wonders. The sad fact is, I don’t have the time to experiment with my Newton like I would like to, and some weeks it’s hard to come up with post ideas.

Finally, a few interesting links that I’ve found going through the web lately:

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have some experience with website hosting, I hosted a website for my uncle for about a year and a half. But it wasn’t through wordpress. It was through 1&1, but I had a a tiny little bad experience with them. so I would just stick with wordpress. But, before i hosted my uncles sites on 1&1, it was a sublink like yours.

    changing it to a real domain named improved views dramatically.

  2. Newton is power!

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