Everyday examples of Newton use


For probably one of the most fascinating explorations of every day uses for your Newton, visit the conversation kicked off by Chris C. at the NewtonTalk list (hit the “Next in thread” link to go from e-mail to e-mail), called “A Day in the life of…”

For a down-and-dirty view, see Don Zahniser’s story. He talks about running a small farm and using Dateman (for to-dos), Notes (grocery lists and garden yields), Works, and more.

Morgan Aldridge has a good breakdown, too, showing which apps he uses throughout the day – everything from PocketMoney to Bills To Pay.

The entire thread is great for discovering apps you’ve never tried out, and practical uses for them in day-to-day life. I found a few I want to try. Browse around the United Network of Newton Archives (UNNA.org) to download some of the apps.

Back when I used my Newton for personal information management (PIM) and notes management, I stuck to the basics like Notes, Dates, To-Dos, and a few games here and there. That’s what is nice about the Newton: you can pick it up and use it as-is.

[Via NewtonTalk.]


  1. How come you didn’t mention the “How do you use your Newton” thread? I made a Newtonbook of it a while ago: http://www.willhostforfood.com/access.php?fileid=74136

  2. I got my hands on a MessagePad 2000 a few weeks ago for the first time ever. So far, it’s been a constant companion…and I don’t even have a cable for it yet to install any apps! Grocery lists, to do lists, appointments, bills…it has become my brain’s annex already.
    On a side note, me and several other people at the Newton Talk list found that Apple still let’s you register a MessagePad at its site, just like a modern-day iPod or Mac. I can only imagine the look on the faces of the market research people who see people registering Newtons in 2009. :)

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