Newton quote of the week: going retro

“Sometimes I wonder just how “Newton” I could go. Clear off my desk and leave only an eMate and Color StyleWriter 2200? Would love it.”

Morgan Aldridge


  1. I wonder how far the StyleWriter would take you? I never found one of those things that worked very long. I would insist on a LaserWriter myself.

    I have an HP LaserJet 2200 at work that I can get to print through IR from my Newton. If only I could ranfer files back to my Mac that easily.

  2. I had the Color StyleWriter 2200 given to me sometime around 1998 because it had the usual page-feed issues. I used it throughout college only being able to put a few sheets in it at a time. I’ve found that regularly opening it up and cleaning the rubber rollers w/rubbing alcohol resolves it for a while.

    I last used it a year ago and the same ink tank I had put in in 2001 still worked. Still have a few new spares sealed in their foil bags if I find that one is finally clogged.

    Yes, the paper feed issues are not ideal, but are relatively easy to alleviate. I rarely actually need to print anything anyway, so I’d rather not waste desk space and electricity on a laser printer even though one would be far more efficient and have a longer shelf life.

  3. I’ve heard from several people that Apple LaserWriters, and some StyleWriters, last for years. Like I said, Morgan – you get the set up, be sure to take pictures.

  4. Yah,

    I agree, wonder how much “paper” we could get rid of? My Newton has a permanent place on my desk, next to my iPod and iMac, Every shard of paper I see, I try and digitize it with Evernote and get it file, or trashed!

  5. It’s official, this is my RetroChallenge entry:

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