Rustic PowerBook

Rustic PowerBook

Crunchy-granola type of work environment.

I’m guessing it’s a PowerBook because of the open button on the front, and the lineup of I/O ports along the left. Am I right?

[Via Ffffound!, via 2 or 3 Thing I Know.]


  1. My guess is it’s a PowerBook G4… I’m using one right now, they look identical :D

  2. Looks like a 12-inch PowerBook G4. I have one I hold very dear.


  3. Not a 12″ model, those were not widescreen, but this clearly is. I’m guessing a 15″ Aluminium.

  4. Perhaps the perspective distorts the PowerBook’s proportions, but the array of ports on the left side and the absence of an optical drive on the front are consistent with the 12-inch model.

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