Quote of the week: goodbye, desktop

“Back in 1998, Apple killed the floppy drive with one fell swoop. Killing the PC desktop won’t be as quick and easy, but Apple will do it over time. It started with the iPhone, and in a few years we won’t even remember the Finder.”

Sachin’s Posterous, in a very thought-provoking post. I often wonder what OS X+1 will look like. Not OS X 10.7 or 10.8, but after the tens are done. What does the next-generation, non-OS X-based operating system look like?

[Via Sir Kendal.]


  1. Like it or not I think Mac OS X XI will never come. At least not with that name, and not as the Mac OS we know today. If Steve Jobs has a legacy he wants to complete, it will be making the transition from desktop metaphor to the multitouch future he has demonstrated today in products like the iPhone and iPad. We just might have to wait through a couple of Mac OS 10.10, and 10.11 releases to get there.

  2. Ten-dot-ten. I like that.

    I wondered if they’ll combine them, and make a unified OS – simplify the desktop somehow. Touch-screen Macs. Users weeping over their by-then-classic Mac Minis.

  3. Here’s a measure of how upfucked your publishing schedule here at Newton Poetry is: when I first saw you’d linked to this, I had no idea/completely forgot that I’d linked to it first. Until I looked at this post again, and saw the little ‘via …’ tag at the bottom.

    Now, what would have been even better is if I’d linked to it again citing you as having found it.

  4. What did you just call me?

  5. King Dave.

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