Newton color palette

Newton color palette

Thomas Brand has created a Newton MessagePad color palette – an creative mix of hexidecimal codes, early ’90s shades of green, and blog design.

Thomas used the palette for Egg Freckles, his awesomely-designed Newton blog, based on Grant Hutchinson’s Batmobile Newton prototype.

I always think of the Newton in olive-toned colors – but my own MP110 is flaking along the edges, exposing a brighter green under that grippy surface layer.

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  1. I agree, when I think of a Newton I think of a greener tone than what is represented on Egg Freckles at the moment. My Twitter page, portrays my previous color scheme. I could be wrong, but maybe Grant’s Batmobile prototype is missing the greenish hue we so adore in later Newtons.

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