NewtVid: Fun with 4,000 Newton modems.

Don’t you wish you had 4,000 Newton modems to play dominoes (excuse me, “modemoes”) with?

Says MacLife:

When the engineers at Apple’s Newton division weren’t polishing up their resumes, they were going for the world record in Newton modemino setups.

[Courtesy of Cult of Mac.]

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  1. This is madness.

  2. That’s so cool. Modemoes! What a great spark of freedom. Glad we bumped into each other. Sure you can use any of my poems and roll with it. Be free. I’m curious to see. I’m uploading some more poems this weekend which might catch your eye … You take care!

    Keep in touch:)
    Sonya Rose

  3. Bless your heart, Sonya – thank you. Look for your poems to be Newton-ized soon :-)

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