There is no frigate like a book.

by Emily Dickinson

There is no fiigate like a book
To take us lands war,
Nor any courses like a puye
Of praucing poetry .
Thicr travovse may the pcovest take
Without oppuss of toll.
How fruqol is the churift
That bears the human soul.

[Read the original. Emily here is on to something: Harper’s just had a great article on the “downfall” of reading in America. Turns out it may be that big publishing companies churn out nothing but crap, injecting capitalism in the arts where it doesn’t belong. Check out the article – it’s a great, short read.]

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  1. Hello Dave, I thought I’d return the courtesy and have a look at your blog. Newton poetry! I very much like the idea. Simple and effective. And I like how you developed it in this space. Keep up the good work!

    The Rizland Observer – Director (and Emily Dickinson fan)

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